Andy Schafer - Fox MDM-1

I drove over to the factory to collect the Fox from Paritech back in September 2007.

Wingspan is 7M - moulded glass/herrex/glass construction - as is the fuselage.
Usual overstatement on the radio gear - 12 servos - 7 Hitec HS5955TG (Titanium Gears 24kg) - 2 on the elevator, 1 on each Aileron (4), and one on the tow release. Rudder has two Hitec HS5745's (The big 1/4 scale types), 2 HS645's on the air brakes, and one Futaba 3050 on the wheel brake.

It uses 2 receivers (MPX 12 IPD Synth) they are linked together using an Emcotec Twin Mini unit. This gives a total twin receiver system with full redundancy on all channels. The Twin unit is then connected through an Emcotec Dual Power Servo Interface (DPSI) 12 RV unit. This is the power management unit and signal 'cleaner' - no need for ferrite rings. It also has an Emcotec DPSI ICE unit which monitors the state of both batteries and both receivers and uses a series of LED's to show their status. On/Off switch is internal but operated magnetically from outside the model - again an Emcotec unit.

Wing joiner is 50mm diameter ally tube which is about 60inches long and reinforced internally with three plywood spars, two of which are double carbon laminated.

Tail is 5 feett 1.5 inches long. (It's very big !)

All up weight is 25kg, needing only 10oz of lead in the nose to balance it.

The colour scheme was produced by a combination of Pari Tech and a local firm – WrteOn. James from WriteOn actually came to me to measure up. I then delivered the Fus to him, he did all the ‘blue’ artwork overnight. A fabulous job he made of it and all hand crafted. Only one or two small curves were drawn on the computer. Truly, a great service.

A few photos attached but it’s so big it hasn’t been together many times at home so the pictures are a bit limited. Hope to get in the air very soon and should be able to send you some better shots then.

And Finally.........................

Congratulations go to Andy and his Tug pilot son Steve for the Maiden Flight - Sat 5th April 2008

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